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Behind the Volcanoes

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Loss of loved ones, war, grief.  Transformation.  Healing.  Life at the edge of the ridge, a new view behind the volcanoes.
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 Reading Jules Nyquist is the equivalent of turning one street corner after another, because you never know what awaits you around the bend. It’s not just the way she sometimes ends a line or stanza with chest emptying honesty or ferocity of wit, it’s the potluck of human condition that you would find on any corner in downtown Minneapolis. Though I am a fan of “sticking the landing,” of which Nyquist is a pro, some of my favorite moments in Behind the Volcanoes are the deft narratives of mortality and renaissance.

 - Hakim Bellamy, Inaugural Poet Laureate of Albuquerque


With compassion and an unblinking eye, Jules Nyquist’s poems in her new collection Behind the Volcanoes, explores love and loss, life and death with poignant intimacy.  Memorable and haunting.

                Marilyn Stablein,  Author of Splitting Hard Ground and Sleeping in Caves


By Lyn Lifshin on April 19, 2014



The cover of Jules Nyquist's' Behind The Volcanoes, with its onyx band, it's darkness and light, it's sense of desolation and foreboding slamming up against the beauty and enchantment of the dusky blue mountains in the back ground an irresistibly mysterious juxtaposition is created. The ordinary and mystical collide. Death and the rebirth tangle with feelings and memories. Many involve women, the living and the no longer living. "You dream and magnolia blossoms appear on the boulevard. Fragrant and thick."
I am taken by the many, beautifully sensuous and strange twists of words like "the blue impossible" and "her car hangs on to the black of the road." There is so much intriguing in Nyquist's work. I could write about the women in the book. The one the owls visit, the one driving into the dark from the edge of the prairie, the one wearing a mask, the one who smokes a joint in the Hotel Crystal, watches the smoke hang in the air where an imaginary man enters. "She falls asleep with the window blinds open so she can see the stars. Then there is the one who forgets why "she had to leave her body......why her body had to be pulled into a man" or the woman who needs to know "in what city she will spend the night." Other girls wear dresses and have Barbie dolls. Or hold out their hands to Monarch butterflies," longing to find, like the woman in Hotel Crystal what is lost, remote.

The poems about women in the Ladies' Room section are breathtakingly intense. You will not stop being haunted how they hold on.

A solid book of poems

By Margaret Randall on April 4, 2014

Behind the Volcanoes is a solid book! The poems take real risks, and the language is is rich and evocative when it needs to be, spare and surprising when that's called for. Photographs of the mysterious line of volcanoes on Albuquerque's west side add to the reader's experience.