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the BOOK Appetites by Jules Nyquist

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 I want the book!   APPETITES - (poems on food, drink and sex)  with recipes and photographs!

FINALIST - 2012 NM/AZ Book Awards!




A great gift idea or addition to the Food as Metaphor Writing classes. Includes a Food Writing Reference section on the books referenced in the class and with Jules' research.

What other writers are saying about Appetites:


Jules Nyquist’s Appetites is a great collage of poetry, prose, photography, recipes and pertinent quotes from others. It is a life, and Jules invites us in, to savor it in its lush variety of seasons.  There is longing and fulfillment, edible wordplay, and wise sense of place. A succulent book for a time in which our attention is too often diverted from the tactile and sublime.

            Margaret Randall, author of Ruins and My Town among others and subject of the documentary The Unapologetic Life of Margaret Randall.


Jules Nyquist's accessible, clever poems in Appetites, blend so much you wouldn't think of together, together: tulips and knives, hunger and kisses-- each subject is made new in its unique juxtaposition. The poems are understated, the titles intriguing, pulling you to read them: Glenda and the Egg, McDonald's 1972, Pop-Tarts and Asti. When she is Beautiful, it Doesn't Count as Kissing, Sugar: A History, Sex in Church, Your Penis has a Tongue, Ode to Erica Jong. Something for all appetites. And photographs and recipes for many things too.

            Lyn Lifshin, author of  All the Poets Who Have Touched Me, Ballroom and the subject of the award-winning documentary film, Not Made of Glass.


Appetites is filled with succulent, delectable poems that invite us to be in our skin and to savor them. Make sure your larder is full, and the candles on the table are lit. Set the mood and read. You'll be richly rewarded.
            Demetria Martinez,  author of Mother Tongue

The title is apt: Jules Nyquist's poems have a great appetite, a love for the delicious, the tactile, the funky and the     true. This collection, organized around mealtimes, brims with inventive enthusiasm not only for every lover sent our way but for favorite poets, favorite recipes, and for the exhilaration of  life's changes and travel. And the poems have perks: intriguing photographs that range from the handle of an old refrigerator in an Airstream trailer to the painted words" Cherry Bomb" on a parked car, not to mention the book's marvelous epigraphs on food,  illustrating Virginia Wolfe's observation: "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

                                Star Black, author of Double Time