Poets Speak
Poets Speak Anthology Series



Poets Speak is a series of anthologies that are published via print in five separate volumes or mini-anthologies (each less than a hundred pages), in response to the national and planetary crisis provoked by the election of 11/8/16. "Poets Speak (while we still can)", is co-published by Beatlick Press and Jules' Poetry Playhouse Publications. Noted Albuquerque artist Denise Weaver Ross is Art Editor with cover design for the series, along with John Roche, Series Editor.

John Roche, editor, envisions these anthologies as rapid responses in the tradition of Medieval and Renaissance broadsides, Tom Paine's pamphlets, Walt Whitman's The 18th President and Democratic Vistas, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius's Blue Books, the IWW Songbook, the A.J. Muste Memorial pamphlet series, and Samizdat dissident publications from behind the Iron Curtain.

Volume 1: Trumped!
(How we got into this predicament)

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Volume 2: Hers

Edited by Jules Nyquist
(Struggles for  womens issues, equal rights, suffrage, women in politics, nasty women, or women related politics)

Volume 3: Water - COMING SOON
(Protecting our life source)

Volume 4: Survival
(Surviving Trumplandia, physically, politically, emotionally, both as individuals and as communities)

Volume 5: Walls
(Physical and abstract borders that divide us)


In order to finance this project, we are offering subscriptions. If you choose to order a subscription, $60 will get you the entire five volumes including postage for them to be mailed to you individually.

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Any profits arising from this series will be donated to the following organizations:

The Southwest Women’s Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Immigration Law Center, and the Indigenous Environmental Network.


Jules Nyquist and John Roche, along with Beatlick editors Pamela Hirst and Deborah Coy, are eager to get started on the Poets Speak series, which we hope will provide another front in the principled resistance this moment in history demands, as well as a space for poets to come together, "while we still can."

John Roche

Editor, Poets Speak Anthology Series