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Saturday, February 01, 2020

11:00 AM  
Valentines & Mini-Sestina Making Saturday with Jules Nyquist


Valentines and Mini-Sestina Making Saturday

with Jules Nyquist


Saturday, February 1

11 am - 1 pm


Pre-register to guarantee your spot OR walk-in at the door.


$20 includes all materials




11 am – 12  noon - Collage art valentine making


            Create your own valentines, in whatever form of collage you like. Cards and collage-making materials provided.   Feel free to bring photos or any particular images that you want to incorporate in a couple of cards.  Working with our hands also helps our creative process as we think about what we might want to write about next.  We have cards, envelopes, lots of collage materials, adornments, glue sticks and more!


12 pm – 1pm  Mini-Sestina making


As poets we are “makers” and we will continue our composing with a half-sestina (or Tritina) where we work with the structure of 3 stanzas and an envoi.  This shorter form still has the subtle paradox and invention of the longer sestina.  It can be a love poem, or an anti-love poem, a response to the valentine(s) you just made, and I will also have prompts.


Leave this fun class with a hand-made valentine or two (in time to mail or keep for yourself) and a start on or a finished tritina (the mini-sestina). 



The sestina is a form

like a thin sheet of flame,

folding and infolding

upon itself….

            Ezra Pound




A tight skin over chaos:

a skim of meaning over


            George Szirtes



What is a Tritina (mini-sestina)?


1st stanza end words (telutons/tercets)





2nd stanza





3rd stanza






(ABC) any order