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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

07:00 PM  
January KAKTUS reading with Hieronymous Bogs & Janet Ruth


January KAKTUS reading with Hieronymous Bogs & Janet Ruth

Hosted by John Roche

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 via Zoom. 7 pm Mountain Time

Features followed by open mic.


watch the youtube recording here:





Hieronymus Bogs’s eclectic blend of orchestral folk, spoken word, and performance art nearly evades traditional classification altogether. During one of his intimate performances, you might find the bearded Bogs kneeling penitently, singing, “Lovers, don’t get trapped by illusion,” or someplace offstage beseeching his audience to enter “this half imagined portal.” It’s musical art that’s both unconventional and surprisingly embraceable. Evoking an ancient crooner, Bogs’s voice sits comfortably between Roy Orbison and Scott Walker, with hints of Antony and the Johnsons’s theatricality. Commandingly fusing mystically inspired lyricism and delicately stark instrumentation, his songs set emotions free in an almost hypnotic way. From optimism’s peaks to regret’s chilling depths, his music cycles through potent moods and descriptive imagery, conjuring cinematic landscapes where beggars are clothed, ruins are rebuilt, and beautiful losers waltz through existence.

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Janet Ruth is a NM ornithologist.  Her writing focuses on connections to the natural world.  She has recent poems in Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Ocotillo Review, Sin Fronteras, Spiral Orb, Unlost: Journal of Found Poetry & Art, Ekphrastic Review, and anthologies including 22 Poems & a Prayer for El Paso (Dos Gatos Press, 2020) and Offerings for the Journey: Poems for Stewart S. Warren (Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2020).  Her first book, Feathered Dreams: celebrating birds in poems, stories & images (Mercury HeartLink, 2018) was a Finalist for the 2018 NM/AZ Book Awards.    https://redstartsandravens.com/janets-poetry/



Here, there, and everywhere we each experience a connection with Nature. In Feathered Dreams, Janet Ruth–ornithologist, poet, artist, and international birder–shares her love of birds through poem, story, and image.  She relies beautifully on her scientist’s eye and artist’s heart to recreate the magic we can encounter when we stop to watch and listen. Dedicated to 2018—The Year of the Bird—the collection introduces us to birds familiar and exotic, from grasshopper sparrows (her beloved research subjects), ravens, and owls, to resplendent quetzals and red-capped manakins.

The poet’s voice envelops the reader in humor and awe, sadness and joy. With scenes drawn from a Pennsylvania childhood, a New Mexico neighborhood, or a tropical rainforest, the poet explores themes of loss, dreams, and stories both intimate and far-reaching about the birds with whom we share the landscape. This collection of avian treasures is a “wingèd paean of gratitude for the wonders, the messengers that are birds.” Feathered dreams drift on the wind of poems and memories in this love song to birds, to life.


“Affection, respect, and wonder ring beautifully throughout the pages of Feathered Dreams.  This book has been organized and assembled perfectly, stitch by stitch by word and breath, into a mural of homage to the extraordinary existence of birds.  What wondrous, lucky creatures they are, to be memorialized in this grand way by the lyrical voice of Janet Ruth.”

—Pattiann Rogers, author of Quickening Fields, recipient of a special Burroughs Award for Lifetime Achievement in Nature Poetry

You can order Janet's book here