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FULL John Macker: Roaring Stillness Across Open Ground Feb 22, 2020

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

11 am - 2 pm


one scholarship available (email julesnyquist@gmail.com for details)

Class limit 12.


John Macker


Roaring Stillness Across Open Ground


This three-hour writing intensive will propose several strategies for approaching the poem/prose. We will be like forensics experts examining the scene of the written word. We’ll decide whether or not we live and write in a post-truth world.  We will discuss how to make the ordinary sacramental. We will decide how to shape-shift our emotional priorities into a poem. We will explore how “truth” should conform to music, not the other way around. We will discuss “triggering” images or emotions and how they act as retrieval mechanisms for the ultimate success of our creative acts. We will respond in writing to several short poems and prose pieces by other authors, examine the role of inspiration in our lives and perhaps, how to survive and even prosper outside our language comfort zones. If we could choose one place, one piece of open ground (or population center) on the planet upon which to write a poem or piece of prose that would change the world, where would it be?


John Macker grew up in Colorado and studied journalism at the University of Missouri. He has published 10 full-length books of poetry, 2 audio recordings and several broadsides and chapbooks over 30 years. His most recent are Atlas of Wolves, The Blues Drink Your Dreams Away, Selected Poems 1983-2018, (a 2019 Arizona/New Mexico Book Awards finalist), Gorge Songs (with Denver woodblock artist Leon Loughridge),  Blood in the Mix  (with El Paso poet Lawrence Welsh) and part three of his “Badlands” trilogy, Disassembled Badlands published by Colorado’s Turkey Buzzard Press, 2014.  His books were featured in the Colorado State Historical Society exhibit, Mile High and Underground, featuring 30 years of Denver art and poetics. In the mid 1990’s he edited the award-winning HARP Arts Journal in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He has received 2 Pushcart Prize nominations and in 2006 won Mad Blood magazine’s first annual literary prize. That same year he edited the Desert Shovel Review. He has received the James Ryan Morris Memorial (Tombstone) Award for poetry and a Colorado Council on the Arts grant. In 2019, won a Fischer Poetry Prize finalist award, sponsored by the Telluride Institute.  His recent prose and essays on poets and poetics have appeared in Albuquerque’s Malpais Review (where he was contributing editor), Cultural Weekly, as it ought to be magazine, Miriam’s Well, Mad Swirl, Manzano Mountain Review and Lummox Journal. For the last 24 years, he has lived in Northern New Mexico.