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Extended Metaphor in Political Writing with Debbi Brody March 21

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Extended Metaphor in Political writing


Saturday, March 21

11 am - 2 pm

Jules' Poetry Playhouse in Placitas, NM




This class is designed for poets, essayists, and anyone who would like use persuasive writing to share political or cultural views using metaphor to get a message across poetically.


We will use a three part technique to complete a first draft by the end of the session. 

Three parts means two writing exercises followed by the third part, which is the persuasive, extended metaphor piece that the other two lead up to and which come together to make one poem.


This class is NOT about critiquing or analyzing.  It IS about deeply learning how to write in a new way to get a message across and to do so poetically rather than didactically or through ranting.


Please bring an object that holds strong personal meaning for you,  OR a photo of the same, as well your passion, writing tools and an open mind.  Bring 5 facts about the subject of concern, at least two which contain a number of some sort.



Here is an example of  poem written by Debbi using these techniques. It has been published more times than any other poem of hers!


For Dylan and Any Dark Skinned Man

The human body,
A mighty and delicate clay.
His, young and strong,
Each arrest a crack
The stoneware.

Humans aren’t bought
At auction in the USA
Anymore, like our priceless
Limoges was, a gift
from a friend when your father
and I married, 1979.

It is irreparable ,
a chip on its spout
lowers its value,
not unlike the color
of your skin.

I keep it for its beauty,
delicate flowers, gold
leaf edges. Precious
in a life-long tea pot collection
from all over the world.
Were it to fall and break
into pieces, I would not
shed a single tear.

The next time the cops pull you over,
Before they have a chance to throw
You, handcuffed in the back
Of their car, like they usually do,
If they see the handle of your gun,
If what has become nearly inevitable
In these trumped times happens
To you, my son, I will shatter
into a million irrecoverable shards.       

-- Debbi Brody


Watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3l-XUSPdjM#action=share