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FULLSix Week Sestina Troubadour class with Jules Nyquist

Price: $180.00
Availability: CLASS FULL
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Wednesdays, May 27-July 1, 2020 6:30-8:30 pm mountain time ONLINE

$180 includes the SESTINA PLAYBOOK and all handouts

Join me and my fellow sestina troubadours for a SIX WEEK ONLINE class!   If you want to explore the secrets of the sestina in an intense class, this is for you! Beginners welcome, advanced students encouraged!  Delve deep into this special form as we 'walk the labyrinth' virtually to circle around the stanzas, teleutons and envoi of the sestina and all its variations. We will follow the fourteen exercises in my soon-to-be-released Sestina Playbook, which includes my sestinas, and also read and learn from lots of sestinas from other poets. Ample time each class for reading sestinas by others, using the exercises in the book (included) and time to write and share our own sestinas and variations. Book is included with class registration (and you can still order the book separately even if you aren't in the class). 

You will be sent the zoom link upon registration. Handouts emailed each week and a week prior to the first class. Limit 12 students for individual attention from the instructor.

OPTIONAL after last class  and only IF social distancing is lifted, we will coordinate an in-person labyrinth walk and sestina class reading at Jules' Poetry Playhouse in Placitas, NM. There will be, of course, social distancing rules in place. Date would be set during the last class depending on student availability and comfort. Obviously, this would only be for students in the local area. We could also set up a zoom class student reading for all after the last class (July 8). Also a sestina chapbook publication including all students in class as a record of our sestinas written in class will be emailed out on-line. There may be an additional charge if class decides to publish a print chapbook.

Payment plan available.




I've been teaching sestina classes, coordinating student readings and chapbooks for many years (in Minneapolis around 2008-2010) and in New Mexico 2012 onward. The sestina is my favorite form and is fun to teach - I did my graduate lecture at Bennington College, VT on the sestina.  I invite you to experience the fun of this unique form of poetry!

I have used the following books in my sestina classes and recommend them for more insights into the sestina form.  Recently there have been two new sestina anthologies that are welcome additions to the body of sestina works.


INDIVIDUAL SESTINAS referenced in Jules’ sestina classes (a partial list)


Elizabeth Bishop, “Sestina”

Star Black “House Call” (Double Time) double sestina

Ciara Shuttleworth “Sestina”

Miller Williams’ “The Shrinking Lonesome Sestina”         (telutons with a message, line lengths)

Honor Moore “First Time 1950”Memoir, Chicory Blue Press, 1988. (obsessive content)

Miller Williams’ “The Shrinking Lonesome Sestina”         (telutons with a message, line lengths)

Jonah Winter’s Sestina: Bob  (one word for teleutons)

Waldman, Anne. Baby Breakdown. “How the Sestina (Yawn) Works.” The Bobbs-Merrill

             Company, 1970.


 In class we will listen to AUDIO from James Cummins and Star Black on the sestina form from personal interviews.


BOOKS/ANTHOLOGIES FOR FURTHER READING (optional, handouts provided in class from selected sections or poems)


Beard Whitlow, Carolyn and Krysl, Marilyn.  Obesession:

     Sestinas in the Twenty-First Century. Dartmouth 

     College Press, 2014.


Black, Star. Double Time.  The Groundwater Press, 1995.


Boland, Eavan and Strand, Mark. The Making of a Poem, A  Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms. W.W.        Norton & Co.,  2000.


Cummins, James and Lehman, Dave.  Jim and Dave Defeat the Masked Man. Illustrated by Archie    Rand. Soft Skull Press, 2006.


Cummins, James. The Whole Truth. Caregie Mellon University Press, 2003.


Finch, Annie, Editor.  A Formal Feeling Comes, Poems in Form by Contemporary Women. Story Line         Press, 1994.


Mattison, Alice. In Case We’re Separated. Connected stories in  fiction with repeated topics. William   Morrow, 2005.


Moore, Honor.  Memoir, poems. Chicory Blue Press, 1988.


Nester, Daniel.  The Incredible Sestina Anthology. Write Bloody  Publishing, 2013.



Nyquist, Jules.  Appetites. Beatlick Press, 2012. NM/AZ   Book Award finalist

---. Behind the Volcanoes. Beatlick Press, 2014. NM/AZ   Book Award finalist

----Homesick, then. Beatlick Press/Poetry Playhouse       Publications, 2017. NM/AZ Book award winner in poetry, 2018.


Nyquist, Jules, Editor. Rolling Sixes Sestinas, An Albuquerque Poetry Anthology, (Mikki Aronoff, Megan Baldrige, James Dilworth, Winter Elise, Kate Padilla), Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2016.


Sagan, Miriam, Unbroken Line, Writing in the Lineage of Poetry, Sherman Asher Publishing, 1999.


Paquet, Susan. Barrio Streets, A six act sestina mystery. Chapbook.