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Amit Dahiyabadshah The Tiger Poet: New and Selected Poems
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Poetry Playhouse Publications is excited to present Amit Dahiyabadshah's first U.S. poetry publication!


Amit Dahiyabadshah brings the low growl of the regal tiger, the defiant cry of long-suffering humanity and the proud heritage of his farmer-warrior Jat people from the mountain wilds of northern India to our wide world in this stunning volume of his selected poetry. If you do not yet know who the great Jat people are, read this book and learn. Read this book and make a friend of Amit Dahiyabadshah. You’ll find no truer, no braver, no finer friend in this life. And you’ll find no finer poetry than the deftly blood-chilling, gently- touching and always courageous lines of The Tiger Poet.

--Bill Nevins, New Mexico-based poet, educator and Poetry Editor of Logos a Journal of Modern Society and Culture.



Paperback, 6 x 9, approx 125 pages.

Front cover painting by noted Albuquerque artist Larry Schulte.

Back cover illustration by San Francisco artist Marc Alan Brown.

Cover design by Denise Weaver Ross.


"I have come from farming to poetry." The eminent poet Amit
Dahiyabadshah grew up in the rural North Indian state of
Haryana and noives in New Delhi. He has been an organic
farmer and trainer, communication planner, outdoor survival
instructor, and a full-time working poet with twenty
anthologies and chapbooks who has read to audiences in the
USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe, and Australia. He
is the founder of the poetry movement Delhi Poetree and Delhi
Poetree publications, host of the long-running Thousand Poets
reading series in New Delhi. Amit has been recognized as Poet
Laureate of the Senior Environment Corps, Center in The Park,
Germantown, Philadelphia and Poet-in-Residence of the
Global Constitution Forum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He
edited and published Here and Now, a 2-volume 900-page
anthology of Delhi poetry (2008). He is also known for a
much-viewed TED Talk and for reading his poem "The Last
Will & Testament of the Tiger" on a very successful fundraiser
for this endangered species on New Delhi Television (NDTV)
in 2010. A book for children, Murugan's Trees, has been
translated into 23 languages.