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All of This Candy Belongs to Me


Ricih Boucher

$18.95 (plus NM tax)

ISBN 9781729091234

179 pages

Jules' Poetry Playhouse Publications

copyright 2019




All of This Candy Belongs to Me

Book Release 2019

Rich Boucher






Sunday, April 14 – Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe – 5:30 pm

 3205 Calle Marie Suite B, Santa Fe, NM



Thursday, April 18 - Tortuga Gallery, Albuquerque – 7:30 pm  

            Doors open 7 pm.  901 Edith Blvd SE (& Pacific), Albuquerque, NM



Sunday, April 21 – Chatter in Albuquerque, 10:30 am

Las Puertas, 1512 1st St NW, Albuquerque, NM

tickets at


Saturday, April 27 – Organic Books – 3 pm , Albuquerque

            111 Carlisle Blvd NE, Nob Hill (& Central), Albuquerque, NM

Thursday, May 16 - SOMOS - 7 pm - Taos, NM 108 Civic Plaza Drive, Taos



 What others are saying about All of This Candy Belongs to Me:

I’ve paid attention to Rich Boucher’s smart, plucky poems for a long time now. He’ll gladly cop to any need, bust open the edges until “all the clocks stop what they are doing, in shock…” You think you know where a poem will go; you think it’s silly or wild, but then, somewhere in the path of stacked words, it loops into the philosophical. He’s not at all afraid to house the monsters of his mind—regret, loss, fear and pleasure. From desperation to joy, these poems radiate. Boucher will pull at every particle of your mind while he inches closer. Wherever he wants to go, he wants you with him: “Please come back / so we can fight again…”

Lauren Camp, author of Turquoise Door, the Dorset Prize-winning One Hundred Hungers, and two earlier collections. She mentors writers of all ages and levels, and lives in New Mexico.

Rich Boucher’s poetry is so startlingly original it makes the work of most of his contemporaries seem flabby and complacent in comparison. Their language gloriously precise, his poems offer a skewed take on reality which to me seem more like the truth than anything you’re likely to read in The New York Times. His dark wit is such that I may have to hunt him down and buy him a cup of tea in the hope he’ll tell me how he does it.


 Kevin Higgins, author of Song of Songs: New & Selected Poems(Salmon, 2017)



All Of This Candy Belongs To Me is an MC Escher maze held up to a two-way mirror, the other side of which is a Mad Magazine. The poems in Rich Boucher's first book are at once startlingly familiar and comfortably bizarre.An alchemical collage of pop culture snapshots melded into a mandala of dreamy nightmares that never waver in their illumination of a path that leads us to examine the strange, ugly beauty of our world, AOTCBTM is a map of moments that (no matter how strange they may seem at first) are always leading us home. What if James Thurber, Rod Serling, Ornette Coleman, Meredith Monk, Mark Twain and Salvador Dali had an orgy? The resulting love child would be All Of This Candy Belongs To Me.


Danny Solis, poet, educator and Slam Champ who has toured the world performing and teaching. He is currently the Director of the Rochester Art Ensemble, a multi-disciplinary artists collective that seeks to erase the boundaries between art forms.



To categorize Rich Boucher’s poetry as surreal, brutalist, confessional, dystopian, absurdist, etc.

would by no means be inaccurate, but it would certainly be banal. I would prefer to say that he

has mastered his native tongue to the extent that he can subvert English and its rules of

grammar and syntax to his every poetic purpose, and that he is a dogged and savage critic of

the deranged commercialism that menaces our very civilization – but although he frequently

finds himself engulfed by the vile smoke of corporatist delusion, he can still hold up an

undefiled vision of the joy – and the redemption – that beauty and love may bring to even the

most warped and jaded victims of our horrid version of “the great society”.


 Arabella Bianco


With Rich Boucher you may start out on Earth but end up somewhere in outer space wondering how you’re going to get home. It’s like Dali was born as Magritte and Magritte was born as Dali and they wake up naked in America wondering what the heck do we do now. In other words, prepare to be transported God knows where or wherever Rich puts you. Some poems are right here in the nitty gritty of home and speak straight from the heart, but most are little fairy tales with no fairy and a cutoff tale, or a totally regrown tail. Prose poem or poem texts speak in Rich Boucherese and watch out, you will laugh unaccountably or simply wonder what planet you’re on, but then, with a bump, realize you are right here in America listening to an American voice telling you how it really is.  These are texts for serious storytelling that turn out to be funny, in fact, a surprised guffaw followed by a weird embarrassment - "did I laugh at that?" That you did and you will again if Rich takes the floor.


larry goodell / duende press / placitas, new mexico



Surprise!  What you hold in your hands is, quite simply, surprise manifest. This collection of poetry by Rich Boucher sparkles with an intelligence at work and at play.  On almost any page, you'll be surprised, in awe that one person can have these thoughts and put this combination of words down.  It makes for fascinating and fun reading and you, surely, will not want to put it down.  Put it next to your bed or in your bathroom bookshelf because this is not a collection to gather dust or sit forgotten on a shelf, this is a book that calls out and says, simply, "Read me!"


Don McIver, editor of The Bigger Boat:  the Unlikely Success of the ABQ Slam Scene, winner of a Basic Human Needs award, radio producer, and performer who proudly calls Albuquerque home.


This is an extraordinarily exciting, Europeanly enticing creation by Albuquerque’s premier poet of humor and randomly kinky associative thinking. Rich Boucher’s first full-length book is more than well worth the 40+ year wait! I wonder in amazement – where does he GET this stuff? On many pages at least three out-loud guffaws grab your funny bone. On others you may be angered, or your heart moved to tears. I am so proud when I see Rich wearing the M. C. Escher tie I loaned to him! Follow poet Boucher along this path of flambunctious feelings and down a rabbit hole of wryly twisted mind and language! A magnificently entertaining book … and also the candy is exquisitely delicious!

Billy Brown, PhD, poet, poetry publisher and 10-year host of the Fixed and Free poetry readings in Albuquerque, NM.