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2021 NM/AZ Book Awards Winner in NM History



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Atomic Paradise reviewed in the Albuquerque Journal Aug 1, 2021


For those of us raised in the shadow of nuclear annihilation – and that is everyone born after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima – this reality is a terrifying and inescapable one. Jules Nyquist investigates this terrain with imagination and compassion. Of the Titan Missiles, she sees how “normalcy” has replaced the Cold War: “Tourists line up for tickets/ at the museum silo on the highway/ that runs down to Mexico.”  Robert Oppenheimer is here, in his atomic Promethean role, as is Trinity Site. So much of this history happened in New Mexico that it benefits from the insights of a New Mexican writer. Important material, beautifully expressed.

— Miriam Sagan, Santa Fe, NM


Jules Nyquist’s Atomic Paradise is a passionate and tough minded collection of poems about one of humankind’s greatest follies and mistakes. In her strikingly clear and authentic voice, Nyquist describes in exquisite detail the lurking world of anxiety that is the principal side effect of the Nuclear Age. For everyone alert to this hidden reality of the 21st century, and its potential to create an atomic Paradise Lost, Nyquist’s poems are essential reading.

 — V.B. Price, The Orphaned Land, New Mexico’s Environment Since the Manhattan Project

Atomic Paradise renews and explores the A-Bomb industry beginnings and continuums. It includes Robert Oppenheimer and places of origin, development, tragic use, aftermath and nuclear energy problems of storage, integral especially to New Mexico. Nyquist's poetry is story telling which brings this alive and with world-wide connections, expanding our essential awareness -- for New Mexico and all points beyond.

— larry goodell, placitas, nm


Atomic Paradise brilliantly captures the dichotomies and contradictions that define the Atomic Age: atomic and paradise; millenarian and apocalyptic; otherworldly and banal. It is a time in which one can, to take the title of one of Nyquist’s most compelling poems, “Build the Apocalypse Inside Your Garage.” Nyquist cleverly interrogates the Christian eschatological implications of nuclear technology in the language of the banal versus the sublime: “It’s only a hobby, to see if it’s possible to be God.” All you need, apparently, is some duct tape and a bit of plastic. This theme of the metaphysical implications of nuclear physics is further developed in lines like this gem about the head of the Manhattan Project: “Oppie was a young scientist following his teacher — a poet called to be a shaman”: Indeed, poets who were called to be shamans who were called destroyer of worlds. Nyquist’s Atomic Paradise challenges us to confront this reality and in doing so brings us to a much more profound understanding of our Atomic Age.

— the late Scott C. Zeman, Visiting Professor of Humanities and Communication, New Mexico Tech



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Other books by Jules Nyquist:


2021 NM/AZ Book Award winner (Activity book)
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This innovative book is poetry collection and workbook, reference and map. Jules Nyquist offers us her own sestinas and those by others as well as easy-to-follow lessons on how to write your own. The sestina form is a labyrinth symbolic of life as we are being asked to live it today. I was completely absorbed.
--Margaret Randall, I Never Left Home: Poet, Feminist, Revolutionary.

I'm happy to have this collection of my sestinas incorporated into a book with fourteen exercises to help you write better sestinas.  The labyrinth is used as a marker to weave our way through writing sestinas. If you are a beginner I clearly explain the form, and if you are aspiring to be a sestina troubadour, then this book will give you new insights on managing obsession, collecting teleutons and playing with different techniques.  I use this book in my Sestina Troubadour six-week online class!

“I love it when people get the sestina bug. I’m grateful for what the form taught me; repetition-with-change is probably the most important lesson going forward.  I support your idea of poetry as play! Your students are lucky to have you.” -- James Cummins, sestina troubadour
Homesick, then

A place for everything about Jules' new book of poems, released August 29, 2017!



Winnner 2018 NM/AZ Book Awards in Poetry


LISTEN to this 20 minute interview with Jules on KFAI radio.  Tune in at time 30:31 second half of the show. Interviewed by Lynette Reini-Grandell, co-host. Jules Nyquist playlist: http://kfai.org/write-on-radio/playlists/20180911


WATCH this 4.5 minute video with Jules!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7cRToZ6TIw


Article in the Ft. Madison, IA Democrat:  


Podcast from Rene' Mullen's Show PenandPoets! 


(Homesick, then cover design by Denise Weaver Ross)

What others are saying about Homesick, then:

Jules Nyquist lived and wrote these poems out of loss, sweet memory, noticing the details and observing the arc of her own life: from relatives who have all but disappeared into a past of secrets and misinformation to what remains after both her parents are gone. There are moments of great poignancy, like when neither her feet nor those of her dead brother touch the floor. And family photos that provide connective tissue to the poetry of a family just like yours and yet entirely unique. A book to cherish, read and reread.

--Margaret Randall, author of She Becomes Time and The Morning After: Poetry & Prose in a Post-Truth World.


Part memoir, part paean to family, ancestry, and place, Nyquist takes us from home to home, from Sweden to Minnesota to New Mexico, and through time, from before her birth to her parents’ death. She asks, how do we ever know the full story of those we love? How are we shaped by geography and family history? With tenderness and grace, she bears witness to her parents’ growing frailty, their passing and the emotional aftermath. Like going through a wormhole, Nyquist’s poems collapse past and present: a telephone call to her deceased grandmother; meeting her parents by chance on the freeway: “I chose them as a portal to this place.” Nyquist describes a spiritual and physical closeness to the dead, better than any heaven. She is our medium, calling forth their voices: “flying back and forth, I’m suspended/Mom visits me in the clouds.” Her poems are the umbilical cord between the living and the dead. Red sheets, turquoise, red lipstick, frozen strawberries and those unforgettable roses in the snow, the inextinguishable fire.

             --Kendra Tanacea, author of A Filament Burns in Blue Degrees


Homesick, then is a poetic tribute to the power of place, ancestry, secrets and the ferocious love of family that mark a life lived fully. Jules Nyquist provides a generous feast of language and photography that bears witness to her grandmother’s murder ‘invisible (until she found me)’, the daily details of her parent’s long love and aging/deaths  (ICU warmed blankets, scooters) and her own soul’s journey across the country and through love and rupture, anchored in the color red, pots of cut flowers, piano scores. This is a narrative both specific and universal:  the story of a girl who wants to break with convention, a woman who loves nature in a technological age, of dream tortoises who expose lost graves and of underwater conversations with the dead. Memories and secrets are born new, held in the bright light of this book, this offering.

--Tina Carlson, author of Ground, Wind, This Body


In Homesick, Then, questions such as “Where do you go when you close your eyes?” and “Why do I see it now…” actively engage the reader in this book of poems which is not only concerned with familial absence and presence but the impacts of what is known, what is thought to be known, and the unknowable. From the 1960s to the present, Nyquist explores these and more questions with the courage to look inward while ever looking outward, with sentiment but not sentimentality.

Claudia M. Stanek, winner of the 2013 Bright Hill Press Chapbook Prize for her manuscript Language You Refuse to Learn.


Reader testimonials:

Jules, your new book is magical! I got a copy from Ken at Before Your Quiet Eyes Bookstore. They’re like brownies. You don’t want to eat the whole pan at once.   Savoring,  Maril  (Rochester, NY)

Just finished reading your book Homesick, then. Wow! Very poignant, personal, moving, sad and a host of other emotions. I will definitely recommend it to folks in my network, not only as a possible model for their writing but also for its compelling content. Congratulations on all the work you put into bringing this story out into the world.  -- Marjorie (Albuquerque)


Zozobra poems is a 2019 NM/AZ Book Awards WINNER in the philosophy category!

ISBN: 978-1731051097


Zozobra, the giant marionette, was created at his annual Santa Fe festival where he is built to be burned. He embodies gloom and by burning him, we destroy the worries and anxieties of the previous year. In these adventures, Zozobra becomes a father figure, saving the world from gloom and learning new insights about humanity. From Bhutan to Minneapolis, shopping at Target or visiting the Burning Man festival, Zozobra is funny and endearing and gives new insights for the darkest time of the year.

Dedicated to the memory of dear friend and Crosstown poets writing group poet Susan Paquet. 




BEHIND THE VOLCANOES is a finalist in poetry

for the 2014 NM/AZ Book Awards

ISBN 978-1493685806

Loss of loved ones, war, grief.  Transformation.  Healing.  Life at the edge of the ridge, a new view behind the volcanoes.
Watch the promo video here: 
CONGRATS to everyone on the NM/AZ Book Awards finalist list for 2014! Including BEHIND THE VOLCANOES (Beatlick Press) 
Treasure House Books, Old Town Albuquerque   (505) 242-7204
Sundance Books - Geneseo, NY  - 106 Main Street, Geneseo, NY 14454 http://www.sundancebooks.com/
Who's reading Behind the Volcanoes?

Who is reading Behind the Volcanoes?  Michael C. Ford from  Los Angeles, CA  (on the Poetry Playhouse patio in Albuquerque, NM)
What others are saying about BEHIND THE VOLCANOES:

Reading Jules Nyquist is the equivalent of turning one street corner after another, because you never know what awaits you around the bend. It’s not just the way she sometimes ends a line or stanza with chest emptying honesty or ferocity of wit, it’s the potluck of human condition that you would find on any corner in downtown Minneapolis. Though I am a fan of “sticking the landing,” of which Nyquist is a pro, some of my favorite moments in Behind the Volcanoes are the deft narratives of mortality and renaissance.

 - Hakim Bellamy, Inaugural Poet Laureate of Albuquerque

 APPETITES - poems on food, drink and sex (with recipes and photographs) by JULES NYQUIST FINALIST for the NM/AZ Book Awards

ISBN 13-9781469924359  by Beatlick Press  ORDER HERE





Beatlick Press website: http://www.beatlickpress.com/

You can find APPETITES in Albuquerque at TREASURE HOUSE BOOKS  on the Old Town Plaza, Bookworks in the North Valley and op.cit Books in Santa Fe. 

In Minneapolis, MN you can find APPETITES at the Hennepin History Museum bookstore, 2303 Third Ave S.

In Rochester, NY you can find APPETITES at Shop One2 on the Rochester Institute of Technology campus.

APPETITES was a finalist in the 2012 New Mexico/Arizona book awards!

Photo:  Jules Nyquist (left) with Beatlick Press founder & publisher  Pamela Adams Hirst in Albuquerque, NM Awards Banquet


What other writers are saying about Appetites:

Jules Nyquist’s Appetites is a great collage of poetry, prose, photography, recipes and pertinent quotes from others. It is a life, and Jules invites us in, to savor it in its lush variety of seasons.  There is longing and fulfillment, edible wordplay, and wise sense of place. A succulent book for a time in which our attention is too often diverted from the tactile and sublime.

            Margaret Randall, author of Ruins and My Town among others and subject of the documentary The Unapologetic Life of Margaret Randall.


Jules Nyquist's accessible, clever poems in Appetites, blend so much you wouldn't think of together, together: tulips and knives, hunger and kisses-- each subject is made new in its unique juxtaposition. The poems are understated, the titles intriguing, pulling you to read them: Glenda and the Egg, McDonald's 1972, Pop-Tarts and Asti. When she is Beautiful, it Doesn't Count as Kissing, Sugar: A History, Sex in Church, Your Penis has a Tongue, Ode to Erica Jong. Something for all appetites. And photographs and recipes for many things too.

            Lyn Lifshin, author of  All the Poets Who Have Touched Me, Ballroom and the subject of the award-winning documentary film, Not Made of Glass.


Appetites is filled with succulent, delectable poems that invite us to be in our skin and to savor them. Make sure your larder is full, and the candles on the table are lit. Set the mood and read. You'll be richly rewarded.
            Demetria Martinez,  author of Mother Tongue

The title is apt: Jules Nyquist's poems have a great appetite, a love for the delicious, the tactile, the funky and the     true. This collection, organized around mealtimes, brims with inventive enthusiasm not only for every lover sent our way but for favorite poets, favorite recipes, and for the exhilaration of  life's changes and travel. And the poems have perks: intriguing photographs that range from the handle of an old refrigerator in an Airstream trailer to the painted words" Cherry Bomb" on a parked car, not to mention the book's marvelous epigraphs on food,  illustrating Virginia Wolfe's observation: "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

                                Star Black, author of Double Time



Jules Nyquist is the founder of Jules’ Poetry Playhouse in Albuquerque, NM. She took her MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College, VT. Her two books of poems, Behind the Volcanoes and Appetites (Beatlick Press), were finalists for the NM