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Jules' Poetry Playhouse

 Jules' Poetry Playhouse, LLC

A place for poetry and play - writing retreats & classes, publications, library, gallery.

 Jules Nyquist & John Roche


Established 2012 - current location since January 2019.

11 Homestead Lane

Placitas, NM 87043



Directions to Jules’ Poetry Playhouse

11 Homestead Lane, Placitas, NM 87043


Take I-25 and exit at 242 for Placitas. Head east 2.3 miles. You will pass the Homestead shopping center (and the Merc) on your left. There is a paved road, Homestead Road. Then you will want the next road after that, the dirt road on your left is Homestead Lane. Jules’ Poetry Playhouse is the first house on the left.   Drive around to your left to the far west end of the wall and the last door is the entrance to the Poetry Playhouse.  Park anywhere near the circular drive.




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"One knows what one has lost, but not what one may find"

                                                         -- George Sand


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Jules Nyquist & John Roche at Jules' Poetry Playhouse

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Playing Around at Jules' Playhouse

                poem by Megan Baldrige

At Jules' Poetry Playhouse

Jules and Poe are playing Pied Piper

to plucky and pusillanimous poets

who are playing

around with words.


Here at the Playhouse,

poets make a play for the right word.

Sometimes the words

play hard to get,

but they stay in play,

playing the parts of ingenues

and veterans in playful poetry.


Playing hooky from ordinary use,

playing off each other.

Words are kept in play,

playing together,

they play nice, not nice

for momentary pleasure,

or they play for keeps

and we play along.


At play in the fields of this Playhouse,

don't you roll over and play dead

we're playing with poetry

we're not playing at poetry.

We're playing for all it's worth

playing the words up

playing around with them

playing down the humdrum,

bringing all of our voices into play,

and we're in La Burque

so we don't need to worry

if it will play in Peoria.





Homesick, then by Jules Nyquist

is a 2018 NM/AZ Book Award winner in poetry