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Above: Jules, Irish poet Michael Coady and Ian Graham Leask in KFAI studio after the April 1, 2004 show during pledge drive.



The producers: Ian Graham Leask, Jules Nyquist, Lynette Reini-Grandell


JULES IS BACK ON THE AIR AS OF SUMMER 2007.  Here are her interviews:

Sep 27 - Per Petterson "Out Stealing Horses" (Graywolf Press) www.graywolfpress.org

Sep 20 - Linda Back McKay poet "The Cockeyed Precision of Time" and Jacquelyn Fletcher "A Career Girl's Guide to Becoming a Stepmom" www.becomingastepmom.com

Sep 13 - John Gaterud editor of Blue Road's "Stardust and Fate" www.blueroadpress.com

Aug 23 - poet Freya Manfred talks about her new book of poems: "Swimming with a Hundred  Year Old Snapping Turtle" and her relationship with Minnesota's Red Dragonfly Press.  Thomas R. Smith talks about his new book of poetry "Waking before Dawn."

Aug 2 -  Fringe Fest performers Howard Lieberman and Amy Salloway talk about their shows and give us a sneak preview

ARCHIVES - 2005:

Jan 6 - Swedish author Mikail Niemi on "Popular Music from Vittula" now in paperback & Pop Wagner





  • Jan 13 - National Book Award Winner Pete Hautman, author of "Godless," His short story appears in the the current issue of The Rake, "Dead Schmed."
    Novelist Charlie Locks also joins us to talk about his island adventure/thriller, "A Pretty Okay Place."
  • Jan 20 - Andrea Jenkins, Minnesota poet & David Logkin, novelist. 
  • Jan 27 - "feverish scribbler" Mark Ehling, whose previous work includes "Good Clown, Bad Clown" and "The Bath of Surprise." joins us to talk about  "The Crabapple Winter Spectacle" playing at 7 p.m. at the Bryant-Lake Bowl this weekend. We also interview David Laskin, author of "The Children's Blizzard."
  • Feb 3 - Sandra Benitez joins us live to talk about her paperback version of "Night of the Radishes."  Tenth Annual Erotica Poetry Slam at Kieran's with Poetry Slam Queen Cynthia French and MN Blue Death traveling poetry slam team member Matthew Rucker.
  • Feb 10 - Aphrodite's Back event sponsored by Rain Taxi with guest Eric Lorberer (editor) who will give us a sampling of the show with Harriet Bart, Nor Hall, and musician Franz Kamin. Hall, in the guise of "Professor Victoriana," will offer a visual tour of the archetypes of eros.  Joseph Coulson is the author of "The Vanishing Moon," a portrait of three generations in a 20th Century American family. 
  • Feb 17 - Julian Rubenstein joins us by phone. His new book "Ballad of the Whiskey Robber: A True Story of Bank Heists, Ice Hockey, Transylvanian Pelt Smuggling, Moonlighting Detectives, and Broken Hearts is called "hilarious and always absurd" by the New York Times. Also this week, poet Jeff Skemp joins us, possibly with the infamous Scott Vetsch in tow.
  • Feb 24 - novelist Marya Hornbacher "Circle of Winter" & novelist Bart Schneider "Beautiful Inez."
  • March 3 - John Odell, author of  "View of Delphi" will be in the studio to promote this month's Talking Volumes selection.  Masha Hamilton joins us by telephone to talk about her novel "The Distance Between Us."
  • March 10 - Shannon Olson "Children of God Go Bowling" (paperback) & Edward P. Jones
  • March 17 - PLEDGE DRIVE & THE IRISH featuring Sarah Stonich "The Ice Chorus"
  • March 24 - PLEDGE DRIVE with Michael Delaney "Ireland"
  • March 31 - novelists Ellen Hart & Lori L. Lake and U of MN fellow Joni Tevis 
  • April 7 - poet Mary Logue, poet Joyce Sutphen and Jim Wallis 
  • April 14 - Lolita Hernandez, author of the highly-praised short story collection ³Autopsy of an Engine and Other Stories from the Cadillac Plant, young adult fiction writer Steve Schwandt will be talking about his first foray into literature for adults, the
    mystery ³Siren Song,² set on Washington Island in Wisconsin¹s Door
    County.  And let¹s not forget poetry!  Minnie Bruce Pratt, a Lambda
    award-winning author of five books of poetry will also be in the studio to talk about
    her reading Thursday night at District 202.
  • April 21 - E. Ethelbert Miller on letters to June Jordan & the Givens Library & Ann Murphy O'Fallon and Margaret Noonan Vaillancourt  on "Kiss Me Goodnight: Stories and Poems by Women Who Were Girls When Their Mothers Died."
  • April 28 - Sherry Quan Lee on her poetic memoir "Chinese Blackboard" and Split Rock Arts summer program coordinator & Valerie Miner with her short stories in "Abundant Light" & Ann with mnartists.org and new poetry contest.
  • May 5 - Jules' birthday!  William Kent Kruger joins us to talk about the Minnesota Book Awards experience (and other guests TBA), Irmgard Hunt shares her memoir: "On Hitler's Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a NAzi Childhood" for this Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • May 12 - poet Kate Gale "Mating Season" & Tom Reiss "The Orientalist"
  • May 19 - Roxana Robinson "Sweetwater" & Jim Wallis "God's Politics"
  • May 26 - David Housewright & Robert Evers "Digging James Dean"
  • June 2 - Jack El Hai "The Lobotomist" & Lorna Landvik "Oh My Stars"
  • June 9 - Bao Phi new CD release & Sue Park "Project Mulberry"
  • June 16 - Joseph Boyden "Three Day Road" & Bill Burlesonder
  • June 23 - Ward Sutton & Lindsay Garther
  • July 30 - Lorna Landvik & Lisa See
  • July 7 - Cheri Register
  • July 14 - M. Phillips "The Gift of Valor" & Stephanie Coontz "Marriage" & John Colburne
  • July 21 - Finola Hughes "Soapsuds" & Lisa Wixon
  • July 28 - Chuck Logan & Christine Schutt "A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer"
  • August 4 - Amy Salloway & Allegra Lingo Fringe Fest
  • August 11 - Heather King & Shivaun O'Casey & Patrick O'Donnell Irish Fair
  • August 18 - Brent Hartinger & Rohan Preston Satrical Poetry
  • August 25 - Ray Gonzalez Fall Poetry
  • September 1 - Elizabeth Andrew "On the Threshold" & U Sam Oeur "Crossing Three Wildernesses"
  • September 8 - Jim Moore "Lightning at Dinner" & U of MN students "Dislocate" magazine
  • September 15 - Abigail Garner memoir & Elissa Raffia "Freeing Vera"
  • September 22 - Ethel Louise Beach poetry & Ingrid Hill
  • September 29 - Marilyn Mitchell
  • October 6 - Scott Edelstein "The Writer's Notebook" & Octavia Butler
  • October 13 - PLEDGE DRIVE Elizabeth Alexander "American Sublime" & Ed Bok Lee "Real Karaoke People" & Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni "Queen of Dreams"
  • October 20 - PLEDGE DRIVE John Berendt "City of Falling Angels"
  • October 27 - Eric Shapiro "It's Only Temporary" & Bruce Feiler "Where God Was Born"
  • November 3 - Morgan Grayce Willow "Appregio of Appetite" & Patriot Acts: e.g. bailey & Sha Cage
  • November 10 - Paul Dickinson CD "Drink Specials for the Criminally Insane" & Lucy Vilankulu MN Literature editor
  • November 17 - Cathy Sultan "One Woman's War" & Scarletta Press
  • November 24 - H.G. Carillo & Jack Klugman THANKSGIVING
  • December 1 - Lynn A. Gray & Shelley Getten
  • December 8 - Minneapolis Observer crew & Desdamona
  • December 15 - Simon Singh & David Unowsky
  • December 22 - Bruce Chilton
  • December 29 - Alice Kaplan & Simon Winchester


    INTERVIEW LOG 2004 and back:
  • 2004 guests

    1.1.04  New Year's Show with Emily Carter, Chris Shillock, Scott Vetsch, Michael "Spam" Hall poetry show

    1.8.04  Olaf Olafsson & Sandra Benitez "Night of the Radishes"

    1.15.04 Poets Cindra Halm, Melanie Figg, screenwriter Miriam Queensen & poet Sekou Sundiata

    1.22.04 Mary Relindes Ellis - "Turtle Warrior" & others

    1.29.04 Russ King & Anya Achtenberg & others

    2.5.04 Freya Manfred & Laura Littleford, Carolyn Holbrook

    2.12.04 Erotica Poetry Slam event with Cynthia French, Amy Madison, Shane Hawley

    2.19.04 ZZ Packer & Tom Brandt & others

    2.26.04 Emilie Buchwald with Milkweed Editions & Dessa Darling

    3.4.04 Cheryl Reed - "Unveiled" & William Kent Kruger

    3.11.04 Thadra Sheridan & Jamie Kennedy (poetic black fusion) & Danny Wallace

    3.18.04 Heather Harrison & Lorna Landvik

    3.25.04 pledge drive show - Gwenyth Swain

    4.1.04 pledge drive show - Irish poet Michael Coady

    4.8.04 Sarah Dunmant & Fan Shen

    4.15.04 Jerry Mevissen "The Nimrod Chronicles" & Bill Holm "Playing the Black Piano" & phone interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now

    4.22.04 Nuddin Farah & Richard Terrill

    4.29.04 Richard Broderick & Siri Hustvedt & Lori Lake

    5.6.04 Jasper Fforde "the Eyre Affair" & Yuko Taniguchi "Foreign Wife Elegy"

    5.13.04 Abigail Garner "Families Like Mine" & Art-A-Whirl poetry event

    5.20.04 Mary Rose Remington "Career Quest" & the acclaimed A.S. Byatt

    5.27.04 John Sandford & Teresa Monsday

    6.3.04 Alex McCall Smith

    6.10.04 Sheila O'Connor - "Tokens of Grace"

    6.17.04 Ralph Watkins with Life Path Histories, Cathy Sultan "Israeli/Palestinian Voices"

    6.24.04 Linda Kohanov "Riding Between the Worlds" & Ray Gonzalez (poetry)

    7.1.04 Seth Kanter & others

    7.8.04 Mystery novelist David Housewright . Musician Jessy Greene with poet  John Colburn

    7.22.04 Mary Logue & others

    7.29.04 Acclaimed author Walter Mosley & novelist Ellie Belew "Run, Plant, Fly" & poet Bill Reichard "How to"

    8.5.04 the “All Fringe” Show with fringe theater/spoken word guests

    8.12.04 poet Kate Dayton and her new book "Missing" & WOR’s own poet Jules Nyquist joined by bodywork artist Amy Mattila talking about bodywork and creativity.

    8.19.04 Novelist China Mieville - "Iron Council" & Marie Olofsdotter (Swedish poetry)

    8.26.04 John O'Dell - "View from Delphi" & Bharati Mukherjee "The Tree Bride"

    9.2.04 local novelist Neal Karlan & others

    9.16.04 poet Steve Healey "Earthling" & acclaimed poet Gerald Stern 2003 guests


    Sept 23 - David Domke "God Willing" & Marsha Qualey "Too Big a Storm"

    Sept 30 - Bill Holm & Emerson "Chip" Blake (Milkweed) & Arthur Phillips

    Oct 7 - Ray Gonzalez & Lynn Gray (fall poetry & rock & roll) & Louis deBernieres, author of "Birds Without Wings."

    Oct 14 - Daniel Hayes (Tearjerker),  Chris Shillock

    Oct 21 - PLEDGE DRIVE - Robert Bly, Judith Guest 

    Oct 28 - PLEDGE DRIVE - Peter Balakian (The Burning Tigris: Armenian Genocide & America's Response) & Fret, Frame & Chatter event on 10.28 featuring Greg Schaefer, Gary Lee Joyner, Jules Nyquist, Scott Vetsch, Christopher Shillock, music by the Go Buttons, and more. 

    Nov 4 - Jim Lenfestey (poetry) & Dave Monson, friends reading

    Nov 11 - Jack Zipes & Samantha Chang 

    Nov 18 - Sima Rabinowitz & Stephen Burt & Tellabration

    Nov 25 - special Thanksgiving show!

    Dec 2 - Carol Bly & Cynthia Loveland "Stopping the Gallop to Empire" and First Books readers Anna Cypra Oliver, Kirby Gann and Thomas Sayers Ellis.

    Dec 9 - Chuck Palahniuk and Sandra Birdsell

    Dec 16 - Mike Hazard & Susannah McNeely, editor of Ruminator Review

    Dec 23 - Rich Broderick & Anya Achtenberg "The Stone of Language"

    Dec 30 - Ian Graham Leask on his travels to Armenia & Mary Sharratt "The Real Minerva"





    1.2.03 Joseph Hart - "Minneapolis Skid Row"

    1/9/03 Roger Calero & Doug Markett "The Bridge"

    1.16.03 poet Michael Dennis Browne & Sarah Anderson from the Loft talks about "The Raking Through Books” Club joined by & Kristin  Henning of the Rake magazine

    1.23.03 poet Diane LeBlanc "Waterstone" journal & poet Sun Yung Shin

    2.6.03 Slam poet Thadra Sheridan & “The Bosso Poetry Company”

    2.13.03 Rob O'Brien, Lori Ley Hoy Hunley, Gary Eldon Peter (Loft mentor program)
    & Margaret Randall "When I Look into the Mirror and See You"

    2.20.03 novelist  Alexandra Stein interviewed by Anthony Peyton Porter & novelist
    Alison McGhee

    2.27.03 novelist Robert Alexander "the Kitchen Boy" & Matt Ruff "Set this House in Order"

    3.6.03 Fret, Frame & Chatter poets  & novelist Neil Karlen

    3.13.03 Poet Patricia Hoolihan reads from "Three Irish Mystics in the Northwoods" &
    Tom McCarthy

    3.20.03 Judd Spicer & Steve Thayer

    3.27.03 poet Joyce Sutphen

    4.3.03 noveslist Zoe Fairbarns & T.C. Boyle

    4.10.03 novelist Lorna Landvik "Angry Housewives" & Michael Fedo

    4.17.03 Loft mentor readers & New Rivers Press

    2002 guests

    1.3.02  novelist Linda Kohanov - “Tao of Equus”

    1.10.02 poet Laura Winton talks about “Karawane” magazine

    1.17.02 poets Cindra Halm, Gary Lee Joyner and Ray Gonzalez

    1.24.02 poet David Mura & novelist Anne Ursu “Spilling Clarence”

    1.31.02 Langston Hughes special show with Kathryn Neal (U of MN Givens Library curator) and poet Angela Shannon

    2.7.02 author Madeline Springnether

    2.14.02 poet Bill Reichard & storyteller/poet Loren Niemi Erotica show at Intermedia Arts

    2.21.02 Mike Ryan on Circumspect magazine Bill Reichard - poetry & Kirmser’s book
    Allan & Mikhaiel - Cyber poets

    2.28.02 photographer Wing Hue “Lake Street USA” book & Pearl from  Ruminator Books
    Cynthia French & Thaydra Sheridan on “Gen Estro”

    3.7.02 poet Thomas R. Smith & Frank Ormsby

    3.4.02 novelist Steve Thayer “The Wheat Field” & Elizabeth Dickinson (descendant of Emily Dickinson)

    3.21.02 Jay Parini “The Apprentice” & Intermedia Arts world poetry day

    3.28.02 Peter Morgan on the  Borealis Magazine launch & Linda Wing, John Minczeski, Michael “Spam” Hall, Scott Vetsch on fishing poetry event 

    4.4.02 Jeannie Piekos - Powderhorn Writer’s Fest with Roy McBride

    4.11.02 novelist Bharath Mukherjee “Desirable Daughters”

    4.18.02 poet Greg Hewitt

    4.25.02 poet Cynthia French, poet Lynn Gray & poet Thadra Sheridan

    5.2.02 novelist George Rabasa & poet Wang Ping & Jerod Santek talks about the Loft mentor series with Arlene Atwater

    5.9.02 novelist Stuart Woods “The Short Forever” & Kathy Mosley “Season of Lillian Dawes”

    5.16.02 poet Kate Kysar, Sha Cage & writers Burt & Rebecca on “The Compassionate Rebel”

    5.23.02 poets John Colburn, Jim Moore, Lucille Broderson, M.P. Brourke & Rob O’Brien - Ache magazine

    5.30.02 novelist Sally Gearhart “the Kanshou” & Jonathan Brannen “No Place to Fall”

    6.6.02 poet Sheri Staum  & Ray Gonzalez & Mark Turcotte on Mark’s new book of poetry

    6.13.02 Alan DeNiro, Kristen Livdahl & Barth Anderson on their new poetry chapbook & novelist
    Lyda Morehouse

    6.20.02 Greg Shaefer - GST Trio music/poetry event featuring poet Laura Brandenberg & novelist
    Faith Sullivan “What a Woman Must Do”

    6.27.02 novelist Brian Malloy on  "The Year of Ice" & Scott Edelstein talks about agents and publishing

    7.4.02 Independence Day special with Brooke “Burning Shakesepare” Aldridge, Jeff Nichols, Loren Niemi, Heidi Arneson, Tim Moriarty

    7.11.02 Morgan Grace Willow talks about “Poetry in Motion” (poems on Minneapolis bus lines)
    & novelist Carolyn Sima “Mermaid that Came Between Them”

    7.18.02 mystery writer Ellen Hart 

    8.1.02 poets Tim Shea, Omaur Bliss from Op-Ed slam winners & Fringe performers Christopher Shillock &  Emily Carter

    8.8.02 Corrinne Dwyer with North Star Press & Cynthia French & Thadra Sheridan talk about the  National Poetry Slam hosted this year in Minneapolis

    8.15.02 poet/performer Sha Cage & poets Michael “Spam” Hall &  Deborah Taffa and reading at Roghue Buddha

    8.22.02 Bart Schneider &  Kasi Williamson on the Speakeasy magazine launch & Kat Knutson, with Utne Reader & John Colburn with  Spout Press

    8.9.02 John Olive on Playwriting & Margaret Randall tape part 1 “Grand Canyon Reflections”

    9.5.02 Elinor Burkett & Scott Burton

    9.12.02 poet Bao Phi talks about the Loft’s new Equilibrium series & cuts from Olga Broumas
    memorist Peter Razor “While the Locust Slept”

    9.19.02 novelist Susan Power "Roofwalker" & poet Andrea Jenkins

    9.26.02 novelist Tracy Chevalier "Falling Angels" & Arthur Phillips

    10.3.02 poet Jude Nutter & novelist A.M. Homes "Things You Should Know"

    10.10.02  novelist Norah Labiner "Miniatures" & children’s writer Lynne Jonell

    10.17.02 poet Kimiko Hahn visiting for the U of MN poetry fest

    10.24.02 novelist Laurie Foos - "Bingo Under the Crucifix"

    10/31/02 Irvine Welsh & Mizna journal Halloween reading

    11.7.02 novelist John Osander "Call me Kick" & Tim O'Brien

    11.14.02 Michael Connelly & Joy Tutela

    11.21.02 Richard Wright & storyteller Andre Heuer on the Tellabration storytelling event
    with Loren Niemi and  Nathandu Zulu

    11.28.02 Special Thanksgiving show!

    12.5.02 poet Anna Meek "Acts of Contortion" & novelist Leif Ueland "Accidential Playboy"

    12.12.02 John Spade from  Utne magazine & writer Mai Neng Moua "Bamboo Among the Oaks"

    12.19.02 Richard Dooley

    12.26.02 novelist Jonathan Foer happy boxing day!

    2001 guests

    2.8.01  sci-fi novelist Eleanor Arneson  “The Grammarian’s Five Daughters”
    & Kathryn Neal - curator, Givens collection - Jazz Age in

    2.15.01 acclaimed poet Ai reads from  “Vice”  & local poet Michael Hall (aka “Spam”)

    2.22.01 performance poet Laura Littleford & J. Otis Powell – “from Baraka to Kumanyakaa” &
    Jeannie Piekos - Powderhorn Writer’s Festival

    3.1.01 novelist Bart Schneider  “Secret Love” & Kevin Anton Mason 

    3.8.01  International  Women’s Day

    3.15.01 Something Irish: storyteller Richard Rosseau  & author Jane Smiley

    3.22.01 poet Bill Holm on “Eccentric Islands” (Iceland) & poet Cynthia French

    3.29.01 acclaimed Irish poet Moya Cannon

    4.5.01 poet Roy McBride

    4.12.01 poet Patricia Kirkpatrick  & poet/novelist Wang Ping - "Aching for Beauty"

    4.16/.01 poet Kirsten Dierking - "One Red Eye" & novelist N.M. Kelby (Nicole) - "Sleeps with Angels"

    4.26.01 poet/playwright/musician Gary Lee Joyner

    5.3.01 actor Ron Duffy - play “Last Laff” & poet Laura Winton

    5.10.01 memorist Lori Gottlieb - “Stick Figure” & poet e.g. bailey

    5.17.01 poet Sharon Chimalarez - "The Other Mozart" & Fern Schuller Chapman - Motherlands

    5.24.01 Carol Bly and her new book on writing & Crescent Dragonwagon - Eureka Springs Writer’s Colony

    5.31.01 memorist Elizabeth Andrew - Swinging on the Garden Gate & novelist Sarah Stonich - These Granite Islands

    6.7.01 novelist Shannon Olson - Welcome to my Planet & playwright Kevin Kling
    Angela Shannon reads for Gwendolyn Brooks b’day

    6.14.01 poet Christopher Schillock & novelist Lydia Morehouse - Archangel Protocol

    6.21.01 theater artists for the “Menstruation Project” at  Intermedia Arts with Sha Cage and others. MN Slam Team

    6.28.01 – novelist E. Johannes Soltermann & W.D. Wetherall - "Morning”

    7.5.01 Jeff Schmidt - "DIsciplined Minds" & poet Linda Back McKay

    7.12.01 novelist Alison McGhee - Shadow Baby & poet J. Otis Powell on “Stigmatism” performance. Thoreau birthday reading 

    7.19.01 novelist Heidi Skarie - "Red Willow’s Quest" & Ruminator books talk with Alison & Pearl

    7.26.01 novelist/memorist Steve Thayer - "Moon over Lake Elmo"
    Jules reads excerpts on Adolus Huxley

    8.2.01 Kay Kirscht, Laura Winton, Gary Lee Joyner, Heidi Arneson – “Fringe Fest” performance poets/actors

    8.9.01 novelist Jan Schultz - Horse Sense & Anthony Peyton Porter on “Porter Publishing”

    8.16.01  poet Richard Broderick - "
    Woman Lake" & MN Spoken Word weekend - Lynette calls in

    8.23.01 musician Carei Thomas & poet John Minczeski - Poetry Music Innovation at Phalen Park in St. Paul.  Phone interview with novelist Joyce Johnson -  “Door Wide Open”

     2000 guests

    October (Jules’ first interview) Richard Robinson - “Walking with a Lion”

    11.16.00 poet Christopher Schillock & Richard Taro - Mankato professor, “Fake Book” journey back to jazz

    11.30.00 Linda Wanatebe McFerrin

    12.7.00 Rhonda Nortan

    12.21.00 Suzanne Alles Blom – INCA

      Jules with WOR guest poet Anne Waldman