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Jules Nyquist



 Jules Nyquist is the founder of Jules’ Poetry Playhouse in Placitas, NM, a place for poetry and play with writing classes and retreats with visiting poets and local poets. She took her MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College, VT. Her latest award-winning books are Zozobra Poems, 2019 NM/AZ Book Award winner in philosophy and  Homesick, then 2018 NM/AZ Book Award winner in poetry. Her two previous books of poems, Behind the Volcanoes and Appetites (Beatlick Press), were finalists for the 2017 and 2014 NM/AZ Book Awards, respectively. She has been interviewed in print, on line and on the radio by most recently, KUNM’s Women Folk (Albuquerque), KJZZ’s International Women’s HERstory (Tucson).    Her latest projects are a collection of her own sestinas with sestina writing exercises to help other poets, the Sestina Playbook, forthcoming the end of May 2020.  She has been widely published and is co-editor of the Poets Speak series with the award-winning HERS anthology. She founded Poetry Playhouse Publications, along with her husband John Roche, to publish poets that have that unique sense of play and creativity in their poetry. Jules has also edited several anthologies resulting from classes she teaches and collaborations, including Shadow of the Snake, Legends & Monsters, House of Cards Ekphrastic Poetry, Rolling Sixes Sestinas, and Poetry in Place: Autumn Writing from the Bosque.  Jules was a member of the Albuquerque Poet Laureate Selection Committee from 2016-2017. 


Jules’ visual art incorporates mixed media collage and photography with wall art and greeting cards, and button bracelets. She exhibits at the Placitas Community Library and Jules’ Poetry Playhouse is part of the Placitas Artists Series Tour.


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April 25, 2020. Carol Boss talks with 4 New Mexico poets about the need for poetry in times of uncertainty. Joining her for poetry and conversation is Albuquerque poet laureate Michelle Otero, Jules Nyquist, Lauren Camp and Demetria Martinez. Archived for two weeks:





M.F.A. Writing and Literature (Poetry) Bennington College,  Bennington, VT January 2007                       

B.A. Creative Writing, Metro State University, St. Paul, MN  2000








Atomic Paradise (poetry) Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2020.


Sestina Playbook (poetry and sestina exercises) Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2020.


Zozobra Poems (poetry) NM/AZ 2019 Book Award Winner (philosophy) Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2019


Homesick, then (poetry) NM/AZ 2018 Book Awards winner (poetry) Beatlick Press & Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2017.  


Behind the Volcanoes (poetry) NM/AZ 2014 Book Awards Finalist. Beatlick Press, 2014.


Appetites (poetry) NM/AZ 2012 Book Awards Finalist.  Beatlick Press, 2012.


Anthologies (as Editor)


Hers, vol 2 of the Poets Speak Anthology (Editor). May, 2017.  NM/AZ 2017 Book Awards Finalist. Beatlick Press & Poetry Playhouse Publications.  Hers is volume two of Poets Speak (while we still can), a series of mini-anthologies in rapid response to the national and planetary crisis provoked by the election of 11/8/16. This series is the original idea of John Roche, series editor. Other 2017 volumes in the series are Trumped, Water, Survival, and Walls. “Hers” is a timely new book focusing on poems that address women’s issues.


Legends & Monsters: A Jules’ Poetry Playhouse Project, This book is an outcome from a surrealism-in-poetry workshop run by Jules' Poetry Playhouse to complement the exhibit, “Legends and Monsters” at Tortuga Gallery in Albuquerque that ran August 5 – September 2, 2016 and includes both poetry from the workshop and art from the exhibition.


Rolling Sixes Sestinas: An Anthology (six poets from a sestina workshop) March, 2016


Poetry in Place: Autumn Writing from the Bosque, (from a workshop/reading at the Open Space Visitor Center, Albuquerque, NM in October, 2015) December 2015


House of Cards: Ekphrastic Poetry, developed from an Ekphrastic Poetry workshop co-taught with Denise Weaver Ross on October 18, 2015 at Tortuga Gallery. Published 2015.


Shadow of the Snake: An Anthology of Poems from the Rattlesnake Museum reading and workship  on May 30, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, published 2015.


Various poems in:  Café Review, Saltfront, 5 AM, Salamander, Malpais Review, Adobe Walls, New Mexico Mercury, A View From the Loft, The Long Islander News, RainTaxi,  New Mexico Mercury, Adobe Walls, Grey Sparrow Journal, House Organ, Elbow Room, Duke City Fix, the Rag, Roadmaps, Truck, Promethius Chair, Borealis Magazine  and others.


Anthologies (where poems appear as part of  collection):


Weaving the Terrain: 100-Word Southwestern Poems, Dos Gatos Press, December, 2017.

Nasty Women Poets Anthology, U of Washington Press. August 2017.


Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art for the themed issue "Sensual Organs of a Living Earth." July 2017. 


Resist much Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance, Dispatches Editions,  2017.

Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands,  Shabda Press,  2017.


Poets Speak Series Anthologies, volumes 1-5: Trumped, Hers, Water, Walls, Survival. 2017-2018.  Curating and promotion of volume launches in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and elsewhere.



Verdigris in Oddball Magazine, February 24, 2021. 

Brittle Stars as part of the Winter Solstice Celebration 23rd Annual Candlelight Poetry Reading and publication. December 20, 2020. Placitas, NM.

Kate in Moving Images: Poetry Inspired by Cinema (Before Your Quiet Eyes Publishing), forthcoming February 2021.

Zozobra Kneels in Bombfire Lit, Sept 26, 2020.


Mother's Day 2020 in Oddball Magazine, July 7, 2020.  https://oddballmagazine.com/poem-by-jules-nyquist/


In Bernalilo, A Blessing featured by NM State Poet Laureate Levi Romero, April 21, 2020 for National Poetry Month. https://www.facebook.com/levi.romero.777


In Bernalillo, A Blessing  Poets of the Pandemic, April 22, 2020 https://headlinepoetryandpress.com/2020/04/22/rx-poetry-in-bernalillo-a-blessing-by-jules-nyquist/


In Bernalillo, A Blessing, Miriam's Well, April 21, 2020 https://miriamswell.wordpress.com/2020/04/21/in-bernalillo-a-blessing-by-jules-nyquist/

Obelisk in saltfront no. 6, 2018.

Zozobra at the Tourist Bar & Aspens in Weaving the Terrain: 100-Word Southwestern Poems (anthology), Dos Gatos Press, December, 2017.

Nasty Woman Pantoum in  Nasty Women Poets Anthology, U of Washington Press: http://www.washington.edu/uwpress/search/books/BAUNAS.html   August 2017.

Qi Gong on the Bosque in Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art for the themed issue "Sensual Organs of a Living Earth." July 2017.   http://www.taosjournalofpoetry.com/ 

City of Rocks in Elbow Room, http://buff.ly/2nVZJ1i

Elevator Operator in Malpais Review, final  print issue, 2017.

Sunday Paper in Grey Sparrow Journal, February 2017,  https://greysparrowpress.sharepoint.com/Pages/default.aspx 

Oh Beauty Full Of, Water Speaks and War for the Masses in Dispatches anthology Resist much Obey Little edited by Michael Boughn, 2017.  http://www.spuytenduyvil.net/resist-much-obey-little.html 

Lipstick in Elbow Room, December 19, 2017.  http://www.elbowroomnm.com/2016/12/19/lipstick/

Pink in The Cafe Review, 2017.  Print and on line. http://www.thecafereview.com/pink/

Nasty Woman Pantoum, Zozobra and the Pink Horse and Zozobra and Bhutan in Duke City Fix Sunday Poem, December 11, 2016  http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blogs/the-sunday-poem-jules-nyquist-2

Star Wars, Revisited  in Roadmaps, CWP Collective Press, Buffalo, NY ISBN 978-1-946002-01-3, September, 2016.

Gun Crazy in TRUCK  http://halvard-johnson.blogspot.com/2016/07/jules-nyquist.html   July 2016.

Interview with Juan Felipe Herrera, US Poet Laureate, Malpais Review, Autumn 2015.

Prince in Duke City Fix Sunday Poem, May 22, 2016.   http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blogs/the-sunday-poem-jules-nyquist-1 

Cold and the Unremembered Terrible published in Le Mot Juste 2016 edition of Just Poets, April 2016.

Party Boy, Milan and Roasted Pumpkin in the anthology Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands by Shabda Press, forthcoming Winter 2016.

Niantic in Gray Sparrow Journal, Issue 27, January 31, 2016.

Party Boy featured at the gallery exhibit now SEE HEAR, NM Humanities Council opening May 1, 2015 through May 31, 2015.

Finger Lakes and Malan in Duke City Fix.  http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blogs/the-sunday-poem-jules-nyquist

Night Fishing Walleye in The Long Islander News, July 10, 2014

Secret River in Zingara  Poet for April 1, 2014  http://zingarapoet.net/

Day One in NM Mercury  http://newmexicomercury.com/author/1532

Behind the Volcanoes in the broadside for the The Karen Chamberlain Poetry Festival,  Carbondale, Colorado, 2013

Lunar Eclipse in Le Mot Juste, 2013

Forest Fire in Prometheus Chair, 2013

Track in http://www.sketchbookproject.com/library/14695#slide_1

Pelvis IV  at Art & Earth blog by Ann Marcaida on tumbler, Oct 22, 2013: http://annmarcaida.tumblr.com/post/64769469585/pelvis-iv-poem-by-jules-nyquist

Somewhere in Adobe Walls #5, Fall 2013.

The Other Girls Wear Dresses in Grey Sparrow Journal, Autumn 2013, print and on-line.  http://greysparrowpress.sharepoint.com/Pages/Fall2013PoetryNyquist.aspx

The Black Phone in Gravity of Ghosts, Minneapolis, MN Summer 2013

Imaginary Borders in Malpais Review Spring 2013

Across Colors in The Rag issue #176,  Albuquerque, February 2013.

Weep With Me in Duke City Fix,  February 3, 2013  http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blogs/the-sunday-poem-jules-nyquist-weep-with-me

Someone Stole My Obama Sign appeared on-line in Duke City Fix, November 2012. http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blog/list?q=jules+nyquist

Kansas in Malpais Review, Vol 2, No 3, Winter 2012.

Monarchs for Laura in House Organ #79, Summer 2012.

Qi Gong on the Bosque in 200 New Mexico Poets (now endorsed as an official New Mexico Centennial event)  http://200newmexicopoems.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/qi-gong-on-the-bosque-by-jules-nyquist/

 Migrations and Pelvis IV  in Adobe Walls #4, April 2012.

 Build the Apocalypse Inside Your Garage in Liberty’s Vigil, The Occupied Anthology:  99 Poets among the 99% from Foothills Publishing. 

Potatoes in Albuquerque's The Rag, February 2012.

The Lost Forty in Albuquerque's The Rag, December 2011.

 Lolita La Llorna in the La Llorna anthology, Beatlick Press, 2012.

Offerings in Adobe Walls  An Anthology of New Mexico Poetry Issue #3,  October 2011. 

 Hypnotizing Chickens in the Duke City Fix, August 2011.  http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blogs/the-sunday-poem-jules-nyquist-hypnotizing-chickens

Mississippi in the 2011 St Paul Almanac (Arcata Press),  Fall 2010.

First Born Brother is in the spring/summer 2008 issue of Salamander magazine, Vol 13, No. 2


Forming Poems and When She Is Beautiful are in the summer  2008 issue of 5 AM. . http://www.5ampoetry.com/  Also reviewed by E. Ethelbert Miller at http://www.eethelbertmiller1.blogspot.com/ for July 17, 2008.


Snow Conservatory Spout Press, issue #30. (Spring 2006)


Sex in Church and At the Union in the literary journal, "5 AM." (Summer 2005)


Snow Conservatory appeared in the on-line version of the Loose Leaf Poetry Contest (www.looseleaf.org), spring 2004.



Rain Taxi, When I Look into the Mirror and See You: an interview with Margaret Randall, Vol 8, No. 1, Spring 2003. (www.raintaxi.com)


Borealis magazine, “Hot Talk on the Year of Ice: an interview with Brian Malloy,” vol 1, No. 3, Fall/Winter 2002.


The Green Guide, The Art of Spoken Word, www.thegreenguide.org/arts/written.php


Libraries, Cats & Slumber Parties, article in The View From the Loft,  2002.


Little Poems as part of the Poetry Park outdoor poetry exhibit near Lake Phalen, St. Paul, MN. Exhibited Fall 2000.






91.5 FM Tempe, AZ for Int'l Women's HERstory Month, March 2020.




Ft. Madison, IA Democrate on Homesick, then  May 9, 2018:  http://www.mississippivalleypublishing.com/daily_democrat/author-s-work-has-tragic-link-to-lee-county/article_d7d58570-531f-11e8-9542-13eb2c7dcc32.html


The Poets Speak Anthology Series and Jules’ Poetry Playhouse is mentioned in an interview in Entropy Magazine about Beatlick Press, January 2018: https://entropymag.org/beatlick-press/


Volcanoes and Verse, interview on Behind the Volcanoes book, May 2017: http://www.assistnews.net/index.php/component/k2/item/2900-volcanoes-and-verse


Watermelon Isotope, January 24, 2017 personal interview: https://watermelonisotope.com/2017/01/24/jules-nyquist-interview/


New Mexico Entertainment Magazine, Between the Pages, June 2015 personal interview: http://www.nmentertains.com/single-post/2015/06/06/June-2015-Between-the-Pages-Jules-Nyquist 


Minnesota Reads, 2012 personal interview: 2012  http://minnesotareads.com/2012/07/6-questions-we-always-ask-jules-nyquist-poet/




Food as Metaphor: Writing Poetry in the Pandemic via Zoom, October 2020.


Sestina Troubadour six-week online poetry class via Zoom, June/July 2020.


Back Home Again: Honoring our Mentors (co-taught with Nathan Brown), Jumne 22, 2019. Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, Placitas, NM.


Book Promotion talk at NM State Poetry Society Albuquerque Chapter meeting November 10, 2018.



Food as Metaphor, Writing Your Purpose and The Lonesome Sestina classes taught independently since 2008. These classes are tailored for 4 to 8 week sessions.


Poetry & the I Ching & Legends & Monsters: Using Surrealism in Poetry, co-taught  with Denise Weaver Ross at Tortuga Gallery & Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, 2015-2017.


Sestina by the Sandias: poetry workshop at the New Mexico State Poetry Society meeting and open house, Open Space building, Albuquerque, NM.  Sunday April 26, 2015.


"Poetry and Play"workshop at the UMM Writer's Conference, Albuquerque, April 18, 2015

Ekhrastic Poetry Workshop led by Jules Nyquist during Denise Weaver Ross' show "House of Cards: The Whole Deck."  October 18, 2015 at Tortuga Gallery, Albuquerque

Poetry in Place Bosque Workshop & Reading, Open Space Visitor Center, April 26, 2015     

Shadow of the Snake workshop and reading at the American International Rattlesnake Museum, Old Town Albuquerque, NM, May 30, 2015. 

Poetry in Motion collaboration workshop/reading riding the Railrunner joining Albuquerque area and Santa Fe area poets at Op.Cit Bookstore in Santa Fe, January 23, 2015.

Loft Literary Center instructor, Minneapolis, MN  “Food as Metaphor” class 2004-2007




Zozobra Poems (poetry) NM/AZ 2019 Book Award Winner (philosophy) Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2019


Homesick, then (poetry) NM/AZ 2018 Book Awards winner (poetry) Beatlick Press & Poetry Playhouse Publications, 2017.  


Hers, vol 2 of the Poets Speak Anthology (Editor). May, 2017.  NM/AZ 2017 Book Awards Finalist. Beatlick Press & Poetry Playhouse Publications.  


Behind the Volcanoes (poetry) NM/AZ 2014 Book Awards Finalist. Beatlick Press, 2014.


Appetites (poetry) NM/AZ 2012 Book Awards Finalist.  Beatlick Press, 2012.


2017 – Albuquerque NOW Chapter scholarship to attend the national NOW Conference in Orlando, FL.


2013  New Mexico State Poetry Society Mission Award for “exemplifying a spirit of openness and community by providing a social and educational forum for poets living in and visiting New Mexico and welcoming out-of-state attendees of the NMSPS-hosted National convention.”


2010 finalist for Intermedia Arts’ SASE/Jerome Grants for Writers.. Minneapolis, MN.


2005 Split Rock Scholarship, University of Minesota summer with Anya Achtenberg.


2004 Split Rock Scholarship, University of Minnesota summer with Jim Moore.


2003 Split Rock Scholarship, University of Minnesota summer with Ray Gonzalez.


2002 SASE: The Write Place poetry mentorship, Minneapolis, MN with poet Ray Gonzalez.



WORK HISTORY                                                                                                                


2012 – present:   Founder of Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, LLC, a place for poetry and play in Albuquerque, NM. Invite visiting poets as readers, lead workshops and classes, curate workshops and classes by other poets and writers to teach at Jules’ Poetry Playhouse.  Support the poetry community with other organizations and venues in the state of New Mexico in a state of collaboration, education and creative play.                                                                                         


2018 – present:  Founder of  Poetry Playhouse Publications, a division of Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, LLC.  Award-winning book publishing for poetry and anthologies.   

Megan Baldridge, UNpresidented; Cedro; Knitting Series (5 volumes) NM/AZ Book Awards winner and finalists

Rich Boucher, All of This Candy Belongs to Me

Raymond Johnson, Brother Sunset (forthcoming)

Gayle Lauradunn, The Geography of Absence (forthcoming)

Erin Lynn Marsh, Disability Isn't Sexy, NM/AZ Book Awards finalist

Colleen Powderly, Psalms from an Ordinary Woman

Denise Weaver Ross, House of Cards: Ekphrastic Poetry (co-ed. with Jules Nyquist), Legends and Monsters (ed. with Jules Nyquist and Eliza Schmid); House of Cards: The Whole Deck; Letters to the Deceased & Other Missives

Eleanor Grogg Stewart, She Tells Us Stories: Experiences & Epiphanies NM/AZ Book Awards finalist

Stewart S. Warren, Feeling the Distance (co-ed. by Pamela Williams, John Roche & Jules Nyquist); Offerings for the Journey: Poems for Stewart S. Warren, co-ed by John Roche, Pamela Williams, and Jules Nyquist

Kevin Zepper, Moonman, NM/AZ Book Award finalist for cover design    Co-editor with John Roche of the five-volume Poets Speak anthology series edited in conjunction with Beatlick Press (Trumped, Hers, Water, Walls, and Survival).





2005 – present:  Lead  Enrollment Counselor, Capella Education Company/SEI, Minneapolis, MN.  Telecommuting since 2010. Consultative sales enrollment for doctoral students in the School of Education. Consistently team leader for performance reviews and admissions for adult online learners. Salesforce software for enrollment.  Microsoft Teams and MS platforms. Previously Peoplesoft/Oracle software enviroment.  Responsible for contacting and converting qualified prospects into active learners through a consultative inside sales approach. Relationship building, achievement-orientation and in-depth expertise of Education master’s, PhD  or EdD programs for K-12 and Higher Education specializations. Through phone-based, text, chat and social media interaction, provide evaluation of educational qualifications and needs and recommended solutions for adult working professionals. Work with the learner to guide them through the admissions process including financial aid, admissions, advising and their first two weeks of classes via online learning.


January 2004-June 2005: Development Fundraiser, Guthrie Theater Minneapolis, MN

Development fundraising via phone for annual fund, part-time.


June 2000-October 2004: Program Associate for Education, The Loft Literary Center Minneapolis, MN.   Host and organize student readings and special events for students  and teachers open to the public. Maintain and solicit materials for Resource Library with local authors, local small presses and national literary journals. Serve on the Education  Committee for education program development. Process class registrations, provide student/instructor  support while classes and workshops are held. Administer scholarship program. Manage scholarship and work/study program and supervise volunteers. Serve on poetry committee for the Loft member magazine, "The View from the Loft." Le Poeme poetry committee 2003 & 2004.





National Organization for Women (NOW) State Secretary, New Mexico, 2018. By election.       


National Organization for Women (NOW) Member-at-Large, Albuquerque, 2018. By election. Attended NOW 20107 national conference on scholarship.


New Mexico State Poetry Society Membership Chair, by appointmet. 2017-2019.

Committee chair for the NM State Poetry Society Convention, 2017. Chaired the NMSPS convention for 2017.  Committee member for the National Convention June 2019.


Albuquerque Poet Laureate Selection Committee, 2016-2017.


Attended several AWP national conferences representing Jules’ Poetry Playhouse and individually as a poet.


Radio Co-host and producer: 2000 - 2008

“Write-On Radio” KFAI Studios (90.3 FM, www.kfai.org) Minneapolis, MN Produce and co-host weekly one-hour radio show, interview local, national and international authors for a literary audience. Proficient in digital editing software. Board engineer certified. Local, national and international authors. KFAI Programming Committee (by election) 2003-2004


Volunteer committee member for the University of Minnesota Poetry Festival Committee chaired by Ray Gonzalez. Fall 2002 – poets Li Young Lee, Kimiko Hahn, Lawrence Ferlinghette, Maxine Kumin, Pura Lopez-Colome, Forrest Gander.  Fall 2003 – poets Charles Simic, Juan Felipe Herrara, Anna Meek, Greg Hewett.







Poetry Playhouse Author reading at Title Wave Books, Albuquerque, November 30, 2019.


Crosstown Poets reading at Fixed & Free reading series, October 25, 2018.


Homesick, then reading at the Albuquerque Scandinavian Club, September 28, 2018.


Wrap reading for Poets Speak Anthology, Peter’s Projects Gallery, Santa Fe, September 23, 2018


Survival anthology reading, Tortuga Gallery, August 7, 2018.


Walls & Survival anthology reading, Teatro Paragus, Santa Fe, August 15, 2018


Writing about Childhood & Home. Free workshop as part of the Great American Read, Rio Rancho, NM Library, June 27, 2018.


Homesick, then radio interview live on KFAI, Minneapolis, Book tour, May 1, 2018

Homesick, then book tour Rapson Library reading, U of Minnesota, Minneapolis, May 3, 2018

Homesick, then book tour The Big Pink House reading, Stillwater, MN, May 4, 2018

Homesick, then book tour Subtext Books, St. Paul, MN, May 5, 2018

Homesick, then book tour Fort Madison Library, Ft. Madison, IA, May 7, 2018

Homesick, then book tour Rio Rancho Library, Albuquerque, NM April 24, 2018


Shamrock Fest poetry reading, Celtic Festival, Balloon Museum, Albuqurque, NM, March 17, 2018


Walls anthology contributor reading, Tortuga Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, March 31, 2018.


Poetry in Conversation reading with Tina Carlson at Teatro Paragus, Santa Fe, February 25, 2018.


Homesick, then Book Launch at Bookworks, October 5, 2017.


Collaborative reading with Los Angeles poet Amber West, Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, October 14, 2017.


Featured poet at Sunday Chatter, July 9, 2017. With the Musicians of the Santa Fe Brass Quintets at Las Puertas Albuquerque.


Featured poet at Women's day  proclamation at the NM Capitol Rotunda, Santa Fe, March 10, 2017


International Women's Day reading at Hispanic Cultural Center   March 8, 2017.

Food as Metaphor, UNM Continuing Education, April 2017

Prince Tribute Concert, Rio Bravo Brewery, Albuquerque, NM.  May 2016. 

Read with Simon Ortiz at the Southwest Festival of the Written Word in Silver City, NM - Oct 2-4, 2015. Also interviewed Demetria Martinez about her writing process at the festival and was part of the writer's panel. 


Jules Nyquist and Demetria Martinez, Unquarked winery, Los Alamos, NM, July 19, 2015.


Jules Nyquist and Margaret Randall, Op.Cit Books, Santa Fe, NM, June 6, 2015.


NM Humanities Council now SEE HEAR featuring poets and visual artists, May 1, 2015.


Featured authors from Beatlick Press including Jules Nyquist, Pamela Adams Hirst, Deb Coy and John Roche at Fixed and Free reading series, Albuquerque. Hosted by Billy Brown.  January 22, 2015.


Duende Reading Series featured poets Jules Nyquist and John Roche, Placitas, NM. October 12, 2015. http://alibi.com/events/114633/Jules-Nyquist-and-John-Roche-Poets.html


Featured poet at Sunday Chatter music and reading series, Albuquerque, NM  July 27, 2015.



Group poetry reading at Tome on the Range Bookstore in Las Vegas, NM August 16, 2014 with Gary Brower, Jules Nyquist, Tony Mares and Amalio Madueno. 


Writers & Books reading series Jules Nyquist & Claudia Stanek at Genessee Series, Rochester, NY  Augsut 12, 2014.  http://www.wab.org/event/genesee-reading-series-claudia-stanket-jules-nyquist/


“Dreaming of Spring” with the Chicago Scratch Orchestra at Calles y Suenos, 1900 S. Carpenter St, Chicago, IL, March 2, 2012.


Occupy Santa Fe, with readers from the "Liberty's Vigil" anthology, Lucky Bean Cafe, Santa Fe, NM, February 22, 2012.


East of Edith featured poet, at the Projects, Albuquerque, NM, October 31, 2011.


Page One featured poet, Albuquerque, NM, October 11, 2011.


The Encyclopedia Show (the Future) performance, the FIlling Station, Albuquerque, NM August 5, 2011.


Two Chairs Telling feature with Judith Heineman, Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis, MN, May 17, 2011.


Exes reading featured poet, Black Forest Inn, Minneapolis, March 19, 2011.


Conversations: moderator with Freya Manfred and Jim Heynen, Hennepin History Museum, Minneapolis, MN, March 3, 2011.


Hennepin History Museum, Minneapolis, MN curator for the poetry reading "Curiosities and Remnants" with poets Freya Manfred, Roslye Ultan, Kari Fisher and Erin Lynn Marsh.  December 9, 2010.


Masonic Lodge in Bemidji, MN.  Friday, August 13th 2010 - With Erin Lynn Marsh (curator/host) and Paula Cisewski. Bemidji Book Festival.

Hennepin History Museum, curator for the Poetry reading   “Icons for the Bereaved: Traditions and Artifacts of Mourning” with local poets Anya Achtenberg, Kari Fisher, Cindra Halm, Freya Manfred, Loren Niemi, Roslye Ultan.  December, 2009.


Acadia Cafe (Franklin & Nicollet, Minneapolis) with Trio Tipo, June 2007.


"Seasons" at Bloomington Center for the Arts, part of 35 Minnesota Writers performance with music and dance.  September 2006


Minnesota Fringe Festival, part of "Shut Up Louder" spoken word performance August 2006


Art-A-Whirl at Tyler Street Gallery May 2006


Gallery 13 reading with Christine Schutt, March 2006, Minneapolis


Tyler Street Gallery's "Storm Damage" featured poet, November 19, 2005 opening reception.


Spoken Word/Schmoken Word celebrating St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2005 at Betsy's Back Porch, Minneapolis.  Hosted by Mary Hirsch.


Girl Talk celebrating Women's History Month, March 9, 2005 at e.p. atelier cafe, Minneapolis with Cynthia French and Carol Connelly.


Fret, Frame & Chatter #19, October 28, 2004, Acadia Café, Minneapolis.


Art-A-Whirl poetry reading at Old Science Furniture Restoration, May 2004, NE Minneapolis.


Fret, Frame & Chatter #18, November 8, 2003, Acadia Café, Minneapolis.


Poetry Garden, September 10, 2003, Riverview Café, Minneapolis.


Fret, Frame  Chatter #16, March 8, 2003, Acadia Café, Minneapolis.


SASE About Town Reading Series, November 2002, Mill City Coffee, NE Minneapolis


Spoken Fringe Fest (part of the larger Minnesota  fringe fest), summers 2001 & 2002


Roghue Buddha Gallery as part of the “Energy Crisis” Summer Solstice reading series, 2002.


Stone Arch Bridge Fest, Minneapolis, summer 2001.