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Bennington Annotations Etc.


Jules Bennington graduation video clip - Bennington, VT January 13, 2007.  This will be forever in history because Liam is no longer on the planet and what was I thinking when I spaced out in getting my diploma?  www.youtube.com/watch


Select by title.  These are some of the annotations I wrote while I was working on my MFA at Bennington College, Vermont.   Mostly books of poetry, although there is some fiction/playwriting in here too. Not an all inclusive list, but a few for your browsing pleasure.

  Bennington Reading List
  Handout for graduate lecture (sestina)
  Susan Kinsolving's "Dailies & Rushes"
  Christine Schutt's "A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer"
  Sarah Kane's "Blasted"
  Lynn Emmanuel's "Then, Suddenly"
  Kim Addonizio's "Tell Me"
  Elizabeth Bishop's "Geography III"
  Elizabeth Bishop's "Crusoe in England"
  Elizabeth Bishop's "The Armadillo"
  John Donne selections
  James Wright's "Above the River: Complete Poems"
  Honor Moore's "First Time 1950" (sestina)
  Jim & Dave Defeat the Masked Man (sestina)
  Louise Gluck's "The Wild Iris"
  Julia Alvarez's "Bilingual Sestina"
  Sherman Alexie's "One Stick Song"
  Lee McCarthy's "Good Girl"
  Five First Books
  Denise Duhamel's "Queen for a Day"
  Forrest Gander's "Eye Against Eye"
  FAME & THE LONESOME SESTINA graduate lecture